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Audio Texture Radio Jan 27th

So it’s all about the mellow vibes this week kicking off with Torus, an 18 year old from Holland with a talent that belies his years and a great first release for the fledgling Sonic Router label. One of two tracks in this week’s show from Sandro Perri followed to show what an underexposed talent this Canadian boy is, make sure you check out his Impossible Spaces album. Teho Teardo, the great Italian soundtrack composer, followed with a track from his new album on his own Specula label before The Boats provided a teaser of their great sounding new album on the ever consistent and interesting12K label.

The Gang Colours album is coming on Brownswood in February and this latest single is another fresh sounding slice of melodic electronica that bodes well for the full length release. We then dug out some Guts to keep the soul flowing before Anchorsong upped the tempo but kept the sweetness intact. It looks like 2012 is going to be a big year for Homeboy Sandman. The new promo teaser dropped through from Stones Throw this week and ‘The Miracles’ is just killing it and the other cuts are great as well. Earnest Endeavours are going from strength to strength with their second release, this time from Darkhouse Family and roping in Om’Mas Keith on vocal duties hasn’t hurt them any. Londoners Midnight Davies then supplied some darker, slightly sinister vibes with some pleasing musical touches.

Now Lapalux’s sun has been rising all last year and it looks like he’s finally going to slap everone round the chops with the imminent arrival of his submerged soulful, pysched out EP of beats about to drop on Brainfeeder. Blundetto then brought us back to planet earth with the aid of Tommy Guerrero and we have to say his new album is sounding good all the way through, look out for it on Heavenly Sweetness in the not too distant future. Boss Kite then skweed the shop right up with some lovely restrained, spacious electro soul, another cool little EP available once again for free from Donkey Pitch. The new Aeroc album on Ghostly International is a lovely slice of melodic electronica which brought us nicely to another cut from the excellent Impossible Spaces album from Sandro Perri before Nathan Davies provided some deep jazz vibrations to end this weeks super mellow special.


Torus – Cavemonsters Are Kind (Sonic Router promo)
Sandro Perri – Impossible Spaces (Constellation)
Teho Teardo – Che Cosa Riccordare De Lei (Specula)
The Boats – The Ballad Of Failure (12K promo)
Gang Colours – Fancy Restaurant (Brownswood promo)
Guts – Laisser Lucie Faire (Heavenly Sweetness)
Anchorsong – Gingko (Tru-Thoughts)
Homeboy Sandman – The Miracle (Stones Throw promo)
Darkhouse Family – Take On The World feat. Om’Mas Keith (Earnest Endeavours promo)
Midnight Davies – Nothing Is Obvious (Five Easy Pieces)
Lapalux – Yellow 90’s (Brainfeeder promo)
Blundetto – Final Good Bye with Tommy Guerrero (Heavenly Sweetness promo)
Boss Kite – You So Bad (Donkey Pitch)
Aeroc – If I Had The Time (Ghostly International)
Sandro Perri – Love & Light (Constellation)
Nathan Davies – Mandingo’s Pad (Jazzman)

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