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Audio Texture

Audio Texture – October 19 2012

So a really mixed bag this week kicking off with some new, classic sounding soul music courtesy of Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers and the wonderful ‘Work It Out’ which paved the way for some reworked soul with DJ Izem’s leftfield twist of Michael Kiwanuka. We then had to drop a cut from the killer, and we mean killer, Colonel Red EP that dropped on Apollo earlier this year, 3 tracks of deep, forward looking soul, perhaps if it had dropped on a different label we might have heard about it earlier? We then went back to the old school with some vintage latin jazz vibes from the great new Analogue Africa excursion into the joys of classic Colombian music.

Things then took a turn for the modern with a great percussive dub techno number from the great JuJu & Jordash album just released on Dekmantel which pleasingly led into some classic Caribbean disco sounds unearthed by the deep digging Soundway records. Sadar Bahar, Chicago’s best kept secret, has compiled an incredible selection of deep, uncompromising disco for BBE and we then plundered the underground sounds of Johnny Harris’s, ‘Odyssey Pt. 1’ for a classic disco moment before the Letherettte, disco reimagined for 2012, sounds of ‘Ettewards’ which led pleasingly into the hard to define, about to be released, Jets project from Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum.

One of our recent discoveries has been the delicate and exciting electronic musings of Slime and his summer released EP, Increased II. We have also been enjoying recently Bullion’s metamorphisis from beat don to indie pop maverick ably showcased by the ‘Collision’ track in this weeks show which paved the way for another one of this week’s discoveries the versatile and talented Ergo Phizmiz and a taster of his forthcoming album on Care In The Community. Things then went a bit rock with a track from one of our favourite guitar inclined groups, Pop Levi, which perfectly paved the way for a funky, vocal finish to the show from Lance Ferguson’s new spiritual jazz inclined project, Menagerie.

Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers – Work It Out (Record Kicks)
Michael Kiwanuka – DJ Izem remix (White)
Colonel Red – Sleeper (Apollo)
Cresencio Camacho – Santana en Salsa (Analogue Africa promo)
JuJu & Jordash – Shakshuka Dub (Dekmantel)
Lancelot Layne – Carnival Drum Sound (Soundway)
Johnny Harris – Odyssey Pt. 1 (BBE promo)
Letherette – Ettewards (Ninja Tune)
Jets – Sin Love With U (Leisure System promo)
Slime – Lean Over (Getme!)
Bullion – Collision (Deek Records)
Ergo Phizmiz – Fingerwings (Care In The Community promo)
Pop Levi – Medicine (Counter promo)
Menagerie – The Quitening (Tru-Thoughts promo)

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