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Audio Texture

Audio Texture – August 31 2012

Zambian pysch rock jump started this weeks show with the ‘Introduction’ track taken from the excellently entitled ‘We Intend To Cause Havoc’ album from Witch and came courtesy of more good digging from the Now Again crew. More upbeat vibes of a banging hip hop nature then ensued from the great new JJ Doom project before some more subdued beats from the new Kid Sundance album followed. One of the masters of deep leftfield dub, Pole, then showed why he’s at the top of the tree with the ‘Lurch’ track from his new EP.

Now if atmospheric beats are your ticket then you should be seriously taking a look at the new Kane Ikin album on 12K, it’s a winner start to finish as the great ‘Oberon’ track succinctly demonstrated. Urban music of a more soulful nature then followed courtesy of another taster from the excellent Jesse Boykins III and Melo-X’s new album which is just about to drop on Ninja and we can’t wait!! We are also happy to report that Kab Driver aka David Baxter, a long time show favourite, has finally dropped an album and it’s full of super fresh beats with some inspired musical touches and good old live instrumentation, we strongly urge you to go and listen, it’s getting great reviews all round.

If you want funky breaks with some beefy bass then you could do a lot worse than head over to the new NeferTT EP on Hot Flush, those samples will definitely ring some bells. One of our favourite all time compilations is making a return, yes Secret Love is up to volume six and just about to hit the shelves and Alex Barck has got his hands on Cecilla Stalin to help things launch things with a remix swing. Bassclef then kept the sweet vocal vibes but added a bit of bottom end menace with the new Idle Hands release ‘You Don’t Know, Don’t You Know’ before Praezisa Rapid 3000 gave another taster of why their new album is so special.

Quirky nu-soul then followed courtesy of Hadyn from the new and ever excellent Brownswood Bubblers Series, now up to volume 8 and still holding down the quality BIG time. Now we don’t drop much drum and bass on the show but when the Odd Harmonics remix of Rumpistol/Red Baron is this good we just can’t say no. Hidden Orchestra then ably completed this weeks show with a little taster of their new material with the ‘Spoken’ track from their new double A-side EP on Tru Thoughts.

Witch – Introduction (Now Again promo)
JJ Doom – Rhymin Slang (Lex)
Kid Sundance – The Diesel (Fremdtunes)
Pole – Lurch (Pole Music)
Kane Ikin – Oberon (12K promo)
Jesse Boykins III & Melo-X – The Perfect Blues (Ninja Tune)
Kab Driver – Headhunting (Airflex Labs)
NeferTT – Cleos Spos (Hot Flush)
Unforscene feat Cecilla Stalin – Dark Souls, Alex Barck remix (Sonar Kollektiev promo)
Bass Clef – You Don’t Know You Don’t Know (Idle Hands promo)
Praezisa Rapid 3000 – Thom LIwa (Noble promo)
Hadyn – Manchild (Brownswood promo)
Rumpistol/Reb Baron – Floating, Odd Harmonics rmx (unreleased)
Hidden Orchestra – Spoken (Tru Thoughts)

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