André Uhl – Oil


Since we had Robot Koch on guestmixes duties recently, we stumbled over a new interesting name in the Berlin music scene. André Uhl doesn’t sound super experimental, but his track Oil featured on the LUMENOUS 2 compilation is huge!

Since information on this young man is still a bit rare on the interwebs, we connected this week and asked him a few questions.

So André, take it away…

My name is André Uhl, I’m a DJ and producer from Berlin. I make music under my own name since 2011, my sound can be described as dark, driving, melancholic and cinematic. I do not consider myself as part of a bigger musical scene but I’m in good company here.

What was the last physical record you bought?

Oh, that’s a while ago. Since I’m djing with Serato I’m not buying so much vinyl anymore. I guess the last physical release I bought was EPROM’s Pipe Dream EP.

Your favourite new producer/artist you discovered in 2013 and why?

One of the coolest new artists I discovered is SOHN, an Austrian guy based in London. I saw him live a couple of days ago, it was amazing. He combines beautiful melodies with hypnotic postrock elements and precise beats. Plus he’s a great singer.

What do you associate with Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is somehow like a myth to me, it’s constantly present in the form of art and music. Of course there’s the huge hiphop scene, a lot of artists I listened to when I started djing are from Brooklyn. Until today it is a source for great music. I’m planning to come to NY later this year and it would be cool to play a few shows in Brooklyn if possible.

Any new projects or releases on the horizon?

Currently I’m working on a contribution for the next Mad-Hop Records compilation and on some remix projects. I plan to come up with a new EP or an album later this year but for now I’m concentrating on playing more live shows.

Thanks for the interview and all the best in the near future!