#30thAnniversary – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince ‎”Homebase”

This fourth album by the legendary Philly duo was their first one in the nineties and their vibe was somehow following the urban trends of that time with some uptempo beats, new jack swing elements and even some House music flavors on most of the tracks. The Fresh Prince rhyming style was also changing as he was starting to use a deeper voice while keeping his storytelling skills that made him so popular in the first place. The first single, released back in may 1991, became an absolute summer jam : “Summertime”. The production of this classic beat was handled by legendary Chicago House producers, Hula and K. Fingers who were doing lots of productions for Jive records alongside Mr. Lee at that time. The second single “Ring My Bell” featured Jean Norris and Rene Neuville who would later explode with their Zhané project. The whole LP is very representative of an era when mainstream Hip Hop could be fun and funky, before everything went mostly on the hardcore tip!

Full album on YouTube:

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Playlist with the Videos:

  • Summertime
  • Ring My Bell
  • The Things That U Do

Playlist with remixes:

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