#30thAnniversary – Compton’s Most Wanted “Straight Checkn ‘Em”

Boosted by the number one single “Growin’ Up In The Hood”, also appearing on the soundtrack of the very successful John Singleton’s movie “Boyz n the Hood“, Compton’s Most Wanted “Straight Checkn ‘Em” was a bigger hit on the charts than their first album “It’s a Compton Thang“. With emcee “Tha Chill” sent to prison before the recording of the LP, the legendary “MC Eiht” ended up handling the mic alone on every track with the exception of the aforementioned single, while in house underestimated producers DJ Slip and The Unknown DJ take care of the beats and DJ Mike T the scratches. Even if CMW never enjoyed the same success as NWA, this album is close to being on the same level as “Efil4zaggin“, released the same year. So if you like dark westside hip hop music, you need to re-discover this one!

Full album on YouTube:

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  • Growin’ Up In The Hood

  • Straight Checkn’em

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Playlist with remixes from the 12″:

  • Straight Checkn ‘Em (B Mix)
  • Growin’ Up In The Hood (Big O.G. Hood Funky Beat Remix)
  • Growin’ Up In The Hood (Funky Piano Radio Mix)
  • Compton’s Lynchin’ (B Mix)

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