#30thAnniversary – Prince Markie Dee and the Soul Convention “Free”

After seven albums with the inimitable Fat Boys, Prince Markie Dee decided to try the solo route (or almost) with his first full length simply titled “Free”. Trying to stay away from the gimmick of the latest tracks from his original band all the while wanting to reach as many people as possible wasn’t an easy task. The result is a blend between Hip Hop and R&B from top to bottom like it hasn’t been done before. Far from a perfect LP, the singles were really well selected and still have some replay values to make a crowd groove more than 30 years later. Even the remixes from the 12 inches are enjoyable, with club mix aka house edit of good quality in an era where those two styles didn’t always merge together nicely. Lucky for you, they are all included in this article.

The Prince released another solo album called “Love Daddy” and produced songs for Mary J. Blige and Craig Mack just to name a few, before changing directions and switching to radio hosting for the rest of his career. He sadly passed away in 2021.


Full album on YouTube:


  • Trippin Out
  • Typical Reasons (Swing My Way)
  • Something Special


  • Trippin Out (Hip Hop Mix)
  • Trippin Out (Summer Cool Mix)
  • Trippin Out (Club Mix)
  • Trippin Out (Ultra Deep Head Trip Dub)
  • Typical Reasons (Swing My Way) (Funky Bell Bottom Mix)
  • Typical Reasons (Swing My Way) (Still Swingin’)
  • Something Special (Summer Of 93 Remix)
  • Something Special (Sub Ghetto Mix)

Live Performances:


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