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Weekly Digest 15


This set was curated and inspired by J Dilla’s constant integration of countless genres and relentless output. All unfinished tracks. Raw. Uncut. Mostly with friends – made in 1 hour or less. Hope you enjoy. Love you Jay Dee. Eternal thanks and respect.

You know, I had a feeling Shigeto had something in the works to celebrate J Dilla‘s birthday after he posted last night that he had something special brewing. Sure enough, the drummer/producer has delivered the Beats 4 Dilla project, which compiles a series of collaborations he crafted with the likes of Skywlkr, Mux Mool, Devonwho, and Josef Deas. The nine tunes on here run the gamut from nighttime-ready head-nodders to brash throat-punchers, with the latter applying especially to Shigeto’s second cut with Skywlkr.

From Shigeto himself:

This was curated & inspired by Dilla’s effortless, quality controlled, ever so versatile and relentless output.

You can stream the entire release below and download it by clicking the down arrow on each track.

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