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The Leschea Show Episode

Today we interview a member of the Brooklyn Radio podcast family, Leschea, creator and host of the Leschea Show. We talk about her experiences growing up in Bed-Stuy, how she went from singing in talent shows to touring with artists, and her relationship with Warner Brothers record label [12:30]. We also get into the creation of her podcast [25:00], some behind-the-scenes insight regarding her legendary interviews, and how her and co-host Danny Love use their differences in race, gender, and age to create show content [1:01:00]. We close the show with some special “King of TV” recommendations for Leschea and an impromptu segment, which started out as a story about a lost ring and ended with major revelations! What can we say: Leschea is a good interviewer. All that plus liquid soap vs. bar soap, the genius of Breaking Bad, internet shopping, and Charles Oakley the cook.

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