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After many years Oonops is back again with another African special about the spirits of African roots from the early 70s, fresh’n’highly motivated contemporary bands from around the globe to futuristic afro inspired heavy beats. This time he invited John Warr (UK) who has been promoting and DJing African and Latin Music since the early 80s with clubs and radio shows like Afro Base on Reverb Nation. Next up is Peter Piper (Germany), an expert in Ethiopian 45s and LP albums of the 60s and 70s with a little exclusive set of his gems. But before Oonops opens up the show with a selection out of his crates including brand new releases and rare tunes from the past. Let’s begin this 2,5h-musical experience now by hitting the play button and spread the word.

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Visit your host Oonops on Mixcloud & Facebook, John Warr at www.totallyradio.com/shows/afrobase and Peter Piper on Mixcloud & at http://funkfidelity.de.


OONOPS MIX PART (0:00 min – 1:04:50 min)
01 Wanubalé – Strange Heat
02 Ikebe Shakedown – Assassin
03 The Sorcerers – In Pursuit Of Shai Hulud
04 Jungle Fire – Firewalker (JKriv Remix)
05 Georges Ouedraogo – Deni
06 Osayomore Joseph & The Creative 7 – Obonogbozu
07 The Blassics – Yeselalewa
08 Tiliboo Afrobeat – Dékondor
09 Hoodna Afrobeat Orchestra – Magiq Kiss
10 Muito Kaballa – El Joven
11 Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy – Allema Timba
12 The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra – Fight So Hard
13 Ekiti Sound – Oba Oluwa
JOHN WARR GUEST MIX (1:04:50 min – 1:44:05 min)
14 Zé Da Lua – Ulungu Wami (The Busy Twist Remix)
15 Migwena Boys Band – Mary Adhiambo (DhoLuo)
16 Don Keller featuring Malage Du Lunendo – Win The Time
17 Dizzy Mandjeku & Alé Kumá – De Matonge Á Palenque
18 Baba Commandant & The Mandingo Band – Logo Fo Djelba
19 Kokoko! – Buka Dansa
20 Luka Productions – Dogonodoon
21 Afro Begue – Boula Niit Tognié
PETER PIPER GUEST MIX (1:44:05 min – 2:22:57 min)
22 Tilaye Chewaka – Tsegure Zenfalawa (Philips 251-B)
23 Birkineh Wurga – Alkedashim (Philips 258-A)
24 Mulugeta H. Mikael – Kantchi Lela (Philips 233-B)
25 Osman Abdurahim – Aifalkn Gerhnete (Yared 0030-A)
26 Alemayehu Eshete – Sintoch Temareku (Dejene 0010-B)
27 Ali Shebbo – Ansitten Debo-Oo (Philips LP 272)
28 Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret – Wegenne (Kaifa LP 29)
29 Telela Kebede – Alemiye (Axum 001-A)
30 Muluken Melesse – Ye Menjar Shega (Kaifa LP 39)
31 Habtamu Shiferaw – Deniw Deneba (Walias 001-B)

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