GKXRS # 002 (DJ Gibril Kuyateh)

Back from a hiatus, the mysterious Dj Gibril Kuyateh returns to Brooklyn Radio with special twisted treats and ear candy from Brooklyn and beyond. Most of you heard the new Ghostface and BadBadNotGood (BBNG) joint ft Tree called “Street Knowledge”. Well Tree brings a particular clarity to Trap with his own style called Soul Trap.

Most of yall know, Gibril doesn’t do Trap like that. Its always underground and straight dope, so he must have something in-store for our ears.

He said “Tree put the Trap sound into perspective and made it the foundation in my book. He got bars, heart and he’s nice with the production. I knew when I heard on the BBNG track, he was going to be flavorful… but speaking to him, he was deep and passionate about his craft. It was dope that his sound surpasses Trap, although its what he’s most known for. The mixtape Sunday School was nuts. Goes to show that he can do it all and rock with the best, he’s also the industry best kept secret producer… just check the interview and show.

DOWNLOAD GKXRS # 002 | Dj Gibril Kuyateh

This week shows rocks it out with tracks from Biggie (happy belated birthday), Nas, Phonte, Tree Exclusives, Iman Omari, Dice Raw, Cru, Talib Kweli, Cris Prolific, Exclusives, new production, remixes.

Feels good to be back Brooklyn Radio…

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