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Fireworks 53 – Jubilee for Diplo and Friends


Our girl Jubilee stepped up for Diplo & Friends alongside Benzi. She dropped some exclusive forthcoming Mixpak releases from Dubbel Dutch, Murlo & Famous Eno, as well as her own new material with Burt Fox. If you’ve missed the live broadcast and re-stream on Radio1, then here’s your chance to catch her hour-long mix here.

Download Fireworks 53 – Jubilee for Diplo and Friends


1. Rizzla + Blk. Adonis- “Battyjack (club mix)”
2. Dubble dutch- “Deepa 2013” (white label)
3. Mike Gip- “Elevator” (bootleg)
4. Ciara- “Body Party (Sliink x Nadus Jersey Club Remix)” (bootleg)
5. Dj Ghost Pepper- “#4Life” (Body High)
6. Tim Dolla- “Swing Dat Shit” (unreleased)
7. Jam City- “Friday” (forthcoming Night Slugs)
8. DVA- “Walk it Out VIP” (Hyperdub)
9. Myrryrs- “Yello VIP” (Body High)
10. Walton- “Help Me Out” (Hyperdub)
11. Jubilee + Burt Fox- “Keys Wallet Phone” (unreleased)
12. Kowton vs Bashmore- “And What?” (Broadwalk)
13. Cassie- “All My Love (Kindgdom Edit)” (bootleg)
14. Dubbel Dutch- “Look Back VIP” (Mixpak)
15. Murlo + Famous Eno- “Ariel” (forthcoming Mixpak)
16. Lil Silva- “Pulse vs. Flex” (Night Slugs)
17. Wildlife!- “Clappaz” (Man Recordings)
18. A$AP Fer ft A$AP Rocky- “Shabba (Cookin’ Soul Remix) (bootleg)
19. Grenier- “DTF (feat Salva)” (Frite Nite)
20. Creepy Autograph- “Mind Image Made” (Ultramajic)
21. Nevermind- “Heckno” (Unreleased)
22. Ciara- Super Turnt Up”(Epic Records) (Sony Music)

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