Ashley Allen

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Date(s) - 02/01/2013
7:00 PM



Ashley Allen has a showcase at Pianos, Feb 1st – 7PM

Imagine the sun is peaking through your window and your feeling hung over
from the night before. All you want to do to is stay in bed but something
inside of you is telling you to snap out of it and go live! That is the
meaning behind Ashley Allen¹s single ŒBody Say No, Heart Say Yes.¹ It is
a feel good, up beat, and positive melody that promotes being young,
having fun, and taking risks. Pushing the bull*** aside and taking chances
because life is too short is the message that lies beneath this song.
Although it¹s easy for a person to perceive that this song is talking
about a boy, a girl, or some sort of significant other, that isn¹t the
case at all. The only relationship that exists in this song is the bond
between yourself and life. Time to party!