Essential Home Studio Gadgets For Independent Music Production

More budding musicians in Australia are starting to be confident in producing their own music without signing with a record label. According to a report from digital music distributor Amuse and MIDiA Research, independent artists earned over $643 million in 2018. This is evidence of an astounding 35 per cent jump from earnings recording during the previous year. If you are an aspiring musician who wants to grab a slice of the pie, you need to know all the basics of a home recording studio setup. You must also have all the important tools aside from your microphone and your laptop that you will need to record your song.

Good Quality Headphones And Headphone Amplifier 

There are plenty of headphone options available in the market, but not all of them can be used to monitor recordings. When looking for a high-quality headphone for that purpose, you need to invest in a studio headphone packages. This will come in handy if you want to record with a full band setup. A complete studio headphone package usually comes with a headphone amplifier that helps in enhancing and distributing the mix signal towards each musician. If you are doing solo recordings, you can use a circumaural headphone. It is also the perfect choice for  DJs who want to monitor their music in a loud, crowded place. But if you are normally moving from one spot to another to fix the setup in your home studio, you can use headphones that are wireless for sound monitoring purposes.

Cables, Converters, And Adapters

Investing in various cables, adapters, and converters for your home studio is always a good idea. Your cable must have an XLR plug on one of its ends so you can directly plug an XLR microphone on your computer. You should also have an extensive selection of cables and adapters that are made to fix most interfacing problems that usually happens on stage or on your studio. It is recommended to look for high-quality cable, adapters, and converters to make sure that your sound is free from distortion.

High-Quality Studio Monitors

It is important to find studio monitors that can give the correct frequency response. A good set of studio monitors must also have the highest SPL capacity and outstanding low-frequency extension. It must also provide neutral sound evenly all over a large working area. In addition, your studio monitors must provide the clearest sound so you will know if you need some adjustments to your record.

These are just some of the essential gadgets that you need to invest in for your home recording studio. It does not have to be the most expensive in the market. You only need to choose which ones fit your specifications and can help you provide the best sound for your independent music records.

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