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10 Essential J Dilla Tributes


The Lessondary – Loud Minority is a project by Che Grand, Spec Boogie, Euclid, DonWill and Vonpea (Tanya Morgan) that never saw the light of day.

i was diggin thru my old files and came across this joint. this project is so rare that I dont even have the final version. the one ive got up for download in the link below is missing the song w/ spec and noni, i just got the instrumental as a placeholder. (…) basically we wanted to remake an entire album and decided to do this one in particular because there are no bad beats at all on it, i mean the shit is perfect as is, we just kidna wanted to give our take on it. so you are probably wondering why we abandoned it? after we put ALL the work in the WORLD into making it?

They ended up abandoning the project, because only weeks after finishing it, Dilla passed and they didnt want to look like they were trying to capitalize on his untimely death. So even though it’s not technically a tribute, it’s an amazing piece of music, that reimagines Dilla’s Welcome to Detroit album.

Download The Lessondary – Loud Minority

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