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10 Essential J Dilla Tributes


DJ J​-​Finesse put together a well rounded mix of songs & remixes inspired by​ J Dilla. Well worth listening to a new take on some of Dilla’s greatest hits.​.​. Here’s what J-Finesse had to say about the mix:

With February 7th being the born day of the late-great J-Dilla, I wanted to produce something to show my gratitude, love and admiration for a man who has really changed my life. Although, I encountered his music for such a short time, its lasting impact has really helped develop me musically, professional and personally.

What you are about to hear is my tribute to whom I call “The Greatest of All Time”, G.O.A.T. for short. I hope that you pull from it whatever Dilla vibes you can as I made this project with him as the sole inspiration. I really miss this man’s music and he is greatly forever going to be missed.

Long live James “J Dilla” Yancey!!!!

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