White Chocolate Drizzle


White Chocolate Drizzle w/ Mibbs (Pac Div)

After a brief hiatus, WHITE CHOCOLATE DRIZZLE is back! This round, WCD caught up with Mibbs from Pac Div and found out about his hypothetical 40 oz. dreams, the difference between Fat Man Scoop and Scoop Deville, and his upcoming debut solo project, FREEBASS. We also out Mibbs as a fartholic, just like Mozart was.

White Chocolate Drizzle w/ Homeboy Sandman

In this installment of WCD, Homeboy Sandman and yr gurl dive head-first into the #YOLO matrix and much more. Boy Sand even drops an impromptu WCD-inspired freestyle over supremely amateurish Apache-inspired beatboxing.

Chilly Gonzales x WCD Interview

While casually sippin' on some green stuff, I caught up with Gonzo to discuss what makes him a supervillain, the possibility of a Chilly/Feist/Peaches/Etc. supergroup, Grammy nods, when his jazzy, chess-centric film, Ivory Tower, is being released, and his most recent rap album.

White Chocolate Drizzle w/ Bridget Kelly

White Chocolate Drizzle met up with ultrawavy singer/songwriter Bridget Kelly at Roc Nation HQ to discuss some sexy ass issues, namely her high school years at the "Fame" school, working with Frank Ocean, goth R&B, answering to Jay-Z, beards, and "angry candles."

White Chocolate Drizzle w/ Cosmo Baker

In the latest installment of WCD, Cosmo Baker sits down with WCD and a couple glasses of Jameson to discuss the finer things in life, namely his profile in the NY Times, '80s metal, Philadelphia, penis piercings, the demand for a Hanukkah mixtape, and Meatloaf.