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Bratislava Brooklyn Express by Beyuz & Emil

Beyuz and Emil, two producers and crate diggers from Slovakia, Europe are serving you its actual best. Situated in city of Bratislava, this dynamic superduo loves digging in the crates and producing crazy tracks.

Both have primarily other projects, Beyuz is producing tracks for his group “Haf & Beyuz” and Emil is a half of very succesfull group called “Emonoizboyz”. But these two cats have hooked up together couple of years ago and decided to produce an album together. That was the time when the very special CD “Daily Habits” was released. This album was dedicated to lovers of instrumental music and crazy beats.

Today, these two producers from Europe are back with another, new package of beats to prove that their legacy is still on the rise. Their new beat mix is called “Bratislava Brooklyn Express” and is available exclusive on Brooklyn Radio. If you like that Madlib, Dilla, Pete Rock style, you should definitly get into this shit!

DOWNLOAD Bratislava Brooklyn Express by Beyuz & Emil 

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Beyuz: &
Emil: &


1.Welcome on board (by Beyuz & Emil)
2.Biela krieda (by Beyuz & Emil)
3.Shanghai danger (by Beyuz & Emil)
4.Jimi (by Beyuz & Emil)
5.Paradise (by Peko)
6.Radiotelevision (by Beyuz & Emil)
7.Peaceful warzone (by Beyuz & Emil)
8.Domaca uloha (by Beyuz & Emil)
9.Mary (by Peko)
10.Dievca (by Beyuz & Emil)
11.Half way there (by Beyuz & Emil)
12.Morena (by Beyuz & Emil)
13.Pb skit
14.Dumb potato (by Beyuz & Emil)
15.Analog ninja (by Beyuz & Emil)
16.Hypnotize (by Beyuz & Emil)
17.Desert hustle (by Beyuz & Emil)
18.Danse Montpelier(by Beyuz & Emil)
19.Hehe (by Beyuz & Emil)
20.Why (by Beyuz & Emil)
21.Penguin dance (by Beyuz & Emil)
22.Nature bwoy (by Beyuz & Emil)
23.OG dead (by Beyuz & Emil)

all tracks produced by Beyuz & Emil for Daily Habits.
tr#5,9 produced by Peko for Daily Habits

total time: 34:05

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